ClickBank Graphics Toolkit of More Than 1,000 Ready-to-Use Images

CB Vendor Graphics Pack: Over 1000 images and clip-arts for ClickBank vendors Becoming a ClickBank Vendor offers a very powerful system for selling your own products... but if you really want to achieve explosive sales and profits, you need a killer-presentation on your pitch pages.

The CB Vendor Graphics Toolkit provides an incredible set of graphics and web-design elements for people who are serious about building and profiting from a ClickBank business.

Present Your Products Professionally
Encourage Your Visitors To Take Action
Inspire Confidence
Encourage Customer Trust
Contains Over 1,400 Ready-To-Use Graphics Files
All graphics can be used immediately - you do not need Adobe Photoshop

Let's have a more detailed look at exactly what's inside...

Add To Cart Buttons, Order Buttons, Belcher Buttons

The most important part of your ClickBank Pitch Page is closing the sale: the toolkit provides more than 300 different order buttons to choose from, including:
  • Add To Cart Buttons
  • Download Buttons
  • Buy Buttons
  • Join Now Buttons
  • Register Now Buttons
  • Subscribe Buttons
  • Animated Order Buttons
  • Glassy Order Buttons
  • Belcher Buttons
Many of the buttons were specially designed for people who use ClickBank as their retailer, and include ClickBank logos/trademarks. We had to get special written permission from ClickBank to include these in the graphics set.

Here are some samples (shown at vastly reduced size and quality on this example page) to give you an idea of what's included:

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Payment Buttons containing ClickBank logos

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Action Buttons

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Action Buttons

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Action Buttons

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Action Buttons

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Action Buttons

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Order/Action Buttons

Guarantee Badges and Seals

Of course, visitors won't buy from you, unless they are confident in your service, and know that you stand behind your products.

You can use these guarantee badges and certificates to increase your conversion rates by reassuring visitors that there satisfaction is assured, and that you offer a money-back guarantee.

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Guarantee seals

Special Offer, Sales, and Price Stickers

When you're offering an amazing deal, you really want you visitors to know it so they take action right away!

These attention-grabbing special offer, sales, and price-sticker labels are exactly what you need to bring out the shopper lurking inside every visitor...

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Sale and Special Offer labels

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Price Stickers

Free Bonus Ribbons and Attention Labels

Emphasize key points, spotlight special features of your product, and draw attention to bonuses, using eye-catching ribbons and labels:

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Feature and Alert Notices

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Bonus ribbons and labels

Sticky Note Graphics

The toolkit even contains a range of blank sticky notes that you can use to highlight key benefits of your product.

These are so eye-poppingly unmissable - that we recommend you reserve them for emphasizing that crucial benefit of your offer which will close the sale.
  • You do not need Photoshop to customize these sticky notes!

  • Simply open your chosen blank sticky note in any painting program that supports PNG files (even the free Paint accessory that comes with Windows), and add the text you want.

  • Choose from six different colors of sticky notes.

  • Choose from two different sizes.

  • You can even choose which corner of the note that you want curled (or even no corner if you prefer).
Sticky note graphics

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Sticky Notes

Doodle Graphics

The "hand-drawn" doodles, arrows, and graphics are another powerful way to make a striking impression on your visitors.

Click on image to view it at a larger size:

Arrows, Bullets, Checkmarks, Star Graphics

Also included are hundreds of beautiful arrows, bullets, checkmarks and stars...

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Arrow Graphics

Bullet Graphics Checkmark Graphics
Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Star Graphics

Membership Cards

If you run a membership site, you can use these beautiful membership card graphics to underline the exclusive content and value of joining your site.

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Membership Cards

Blank Banner Templates

Included also is a range of blank banner templates (in several different sizes), which you can use for your marketing and advertising campaigns, creating banners for use by your affiliates, etc.
  • You do not need Photoshop to customize these blank banners!

  • Simply open your chosen blank banner in any painting program that supports GIF files (even the free Paint accessory that comes with Windows), and add the text you want.

  • We have provided these banners in GIF rather than PNG format, so that if you do have software for creating animated banners, you will not have problems with colors when making an animated GIF.
Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Blank Banner Templates

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Blank Banner Templates

And there's much much more

In the examples above, we've only shown you some of the graphics included with the package (and at reduced size and quality as compared to the top-quality images that you will get).

In addition, the CB Vendor Graphics package includes money-graphics (great for money-making products, or for your affiliate information page), as well as globes, light-bulbs, recycling symbols, lightning, and many other types of graphics too...

Click on image to view it at a larger size:
Money Graphics

Created by a Veteran ClickBank Vendor

My name is Sunil Tanna, and I've been working with ClickBank (as both an affiliate and vendor), for over two decades! That's more than 20 years experience with ClickBank!

Over the years, I've met (on more than one occasion) with senior members of ClickBank's staff. I've also operated many different websites with ClickBank products, sold many different products through ClickBank, and made thousands of products sales.

Sunil Tanna is a software developer and author who, through his company, Answers 2000, has been a ClickBank vendor and affiliate for over 15 years.

Available For Immediate Download

Order now, and you can get this incredible package for just US $19.95 (plus Sales Tax if you are a resident of an applicable US location, or plus VAT if you a resident of a European Union country - see Note at the bottom of this page - UK price including VAT @ 20% is US $23.94 - Sterling price will vary depending on exchange rates).

(Or, alternatively you can get this, and other powerful tools for ClickBank vendors in a special package deal)

The US $19.95 price (UK price including VAT @ 20% is US $23.94) entitles you to use the graphics on as many of your own web sites as you like. (You may not pass copies of the graphics on to other webmasters - and if you are a web designer creating websites for your customers, you must purchase a license for each customer)

Please note:
  1. The package is delivered as a ZIP file, so you can unpack it immediately on your computer. Within the ZIP file is a README file containing instructions. a copy of the licensing agreement, and the images.

  2. We recommend that you make a new empty folder on your computer, you should then unpack the ZIP into that folder, and within it, you will find a README file with instructions. There will also be various subfolders containing the images. If using Windows, the easiest way to see the images is to right click and choose "View" then "Large Icons".
You can pay using most major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or using PayPal.

Guaranteed for 60 Days GUARANTEED

ClickBank is the retailer of this product: The ClickBank Guarantee guarantees your purchase for 60 days from the date of purchase.

If this product does not perform as promised, or if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 60 days of the date of purchase. If we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we will ask ClickBank to arrange a refund of the full purchase price of the product.

Here is the full text of our refund policy.

Exclusive Product Please Note:
We are the authors and developers of this product,
which is exclusive to our company, and not available from anybody else.

Some images within the package are licensed from third parties, and we have also licensed some of our images to third parties, so these images may be available elsewhere, but the package as a whole is unique to our company. Additionally, please note that our company also offers other graphics packages under other product names, which may contain content similar to this package. Please contact us if you have questions.


* Note: All online purchases are made from our retailer, Click Sales Inc. ("CLICKBANK"). US $19.95 price does NOT include Sales Tax or Value Added Tax ("VAT"). UK price including VAT @20% is US $23.94 - Sterling prices will vary depending on exchange rate. Sales Tax applies to purchases made by residents of some US states, territories, districts and possessions (including, but not limited to, the residents of the State of New York). Value Added Tax ("VAT") is applicable to purchases made by residents of European Union countries, and (if applicable) is charged at the appropriate national rate for that country. The amount of Sales Tax or VAT (if any), and the total price of the product, is shown on the secure order form, after you select your country/state of residence, but before you give final confirmation that you do want to proceed with the purchase.

Please Note: Graphics include registered trademarks of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise ID, 83706, USA and are used pursuant to a license.


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